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If you’re new to the Age of Conan game, here are some tips and tricks to help you along the way.

Getting a New Character

The first time you gain control of your brand new character, turn around 180° and swim down toward the reef. Inside the reef, you’ll find a treasure chest that contains a special bonus. Most of the time, it has a magic ring that will add .5% to your fire resistance which will help you as build your character and progress through the game.

Don’t Go Straight to the Pretty Girl

After you get the bonus, there will be a pretty girl straight ahead of you. Don’t go to her just yet. Instead, go to the left, where you’ll find the beach. There, you’ll see a few alligators to practice your fighting skills with.

Loop Around to the Right

When you’re done with the gators at the beach, loop around to the right. You’ll come across some more things to fight, including a boss that is protecting a treasure chest. Defeat him, and get the treasure: a magic ring with more fire power.

Save the Pretty Girl

Next, you’ll find another mini-boss, and you’ll have to beat him to save the pretty girl. Once you defeat him, you’ll get another treasure chest, with another magic ring.

The Blacksmith

The same blacksmith who broke your chains will give you a White Sands Mausoleum Key and a weapon, but you’ll need to go down to the docks to grab some metal for him, first. When you get the metal, take it to him to get the key and the metal.

Old Tarantia

When you make it here, you should swim down until you get under the boat. Here you’ll find another hidden treasure chest. This one will contain either health or stamina points to help you build your character strength.

Get a Good Internet Provider

Having a high quality Internet provider is key to your success in the game. The better your Internet connection, the more enhanced your game playing experience will be.

Using these tips will help you get started off on the right track with Age of Conan. If you have anymore tips or tricks, let us know!

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